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Ulla Johnson jeans

Spring is here which means we still have cooler temperatures, especially in the morning.  We are not quite at sandal weather yet.  A belted blazer is a great transitional weather item to have in your closet.  It can be dressed up or down which is key to having a wardrobe that will always work for you.

This Spring is all about the beige tones.  I’m a full supporter of this since I think beige is so pretty paired with pastels.  I decided to go for a little deeper shade when I saw this brown blazer from & Other Stories. Brown is so versatile.  I generally think of Fall when I think of brown clothing.  However this belted blazer is just the right fabric for that slightly cooler Spring weather.  And how pretty is it with these Ulla Johnson jeans!

These jeans are another item that will carry you from Spring to Fall.  The brown vine print against the ivory are so eye-catching.  I think you can easily pull these off for a pair of pants, but the fact that they are jeans is what makes them so incredible!  I don’t know about you, but I’m often so tired by the end of the week that dinners out need to be comfortable.  Sometimes I want the feel of jeans but I want the look of something more polished.  These printed jeans are the perfect solution!  In fact, I’m so on-board with this trend that I have another pair that I will be showing you shortly in another post.  😉

To top off my look, I chose a blouse that I purchased last year.  What I love about a pretty white or ivory blouse is that they are timeless.  It doesn’t matter when they were purchased, they will always be a classic staple item that everyone needs in their wardrobe.  Plus there are always great options to choose from.

Finally, let’s talk about another big trend for the year- the barrette!  You will notice that I’m not wearing the pearl barrette in all of these photos.  I actually took it off because I wasn’t sure I was feeling it.  It’s a trend that I love on other people but I’m still not sure about it on myself.  I am going to play around with it and see how it works for me.  If you are feeling the same way, my advice is to not spend a fortune.  There are a variety of pretty pearl barrettes out there that range from this beautiful Jennifer Behr clip to this more affordable one from Forever 21.  These are the kinds of trends you really don’t need to invest in.

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I hope you enjoyed this post and are inspired to add some tones of brown into your Spring wardrobe.  Thanks for reading!

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