Tibi mint green spring 2019

Mint Green for Spring

Tibi mint green Spring 2019

Tibi mint green street style 2019

Tibi mint green pastel spring 2019

Tibi green shoes

Tibi mint green spring 2019

Fendi Kan I F brown

Tibi Spring 2019

Tibi Fendi street style 2019

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Mint green is a color you really don’t see often, especially in clothing. Leave it to Tibi to come up with the perfect shade of mint for this Spring. Keeping with the pastel trend of the season, this shade of green also has a slight neon vibe for those who don’t want to go full neon.

Adding Texture

Early Spring here in NJ usually means cooler temperatures. Light sweaters are essential unless you want to cover up in jackets. They are a great choice for adding texture and layers to an outfit. This mint green one from Tibi is light and cozy. It’s probably the softest sweater I own. And I own a lot of soft sweaters. That’s my number 1 requirement in a sweater!

I paired this sweater with my matching Tibi shoes. The sleek soft leather is a great contrast to the chunky sweater.  Tibi is a brand I always look to for my Spring/summer shoes. The colors, styles, and quality never disappoint. Comfort from the moment I put on a pair of new shoes is what has me always coming back. I don’t believe in the “break-in” period. If you have to break-in a pair of shoes, they are probably not the best fit for you.

Keeping it casual

To keep this look casual, I added my J.crew jeans.  Jeans are a go-to item for me and what I wear on most days. I love how they can easily be dressed up or down. In fact I often quickly swap out my top and shoes for a last-minute dinner date. Being a mom of two, when I say dinner date, I generally mean a family date.  Family dinners in and out are generally very casual and comfortable. Jeans are a no brainer.

Mixing pastels

Don’t be afraid to experiment with other pastels too. I really love mixing colors together. Mint green is a great base for many other colors. Lavender would have to be my favorite pastel to pair mint green with. If this doesn’t scream Spring, I don’t know what does!

Chanel flap bag lavender

Chanel flap bag lavender

I hope enjoyed this post and are inspired to give mint green a try! Leave me a comment and let me know how you like to wear this color.

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