• Karina grimaldi white jumpsuit

    The Jumpsuit for effortless chic style

    The jumpsuit is the chic answer to effortless dressing. Nothing says confident more then when a woman walks into a room wearing a jumpsuit.  They are super easy too.  There is no coordination involved because the outfit is already created for you. They are easy, classy, and virtually impossible to mess up. All you need to do is choose your shoes and bag. Can it get any easier? There’s something about a one-piece look that is so sophisticated.  I immediately think of French girl chic. Always looking effortless, put together, and so cool. If you are having a little French girl envy, a jumpsuit should set that straight. It’s instant…

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    How you can buy a Dior dress for less

    Owning a Dior dress has been a dream of mine for ages. The quality, fabric and designs are impeccable!  Have you ever skimmed through the pages of Vogue and dreamed of owning one of the beautiful couture pieces featured? I’ve discovered a way you can!  Read on to find out how I got this authentic Dior dress for way under couture prices. Shopping online for a designer item can be daunting. Whether shopping new items or second-hand, being unable to feel the fabric and look for signs of wear can be a deal breaker when purchasing an expensive item.  How do you know it’s authentic? With Vestiaire Collective, you don’t…

  • Floral top
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    Floral prints never go out of style

    Floral prints and summer go hand in hand.  They are a timeless trend that never really goes away. Trends and clothing are like a revolving door. The styles come in and go out, then come around again in a little different way. Floral prints are the trend that you can always count on. Guaranteed if you buy a floral print this summer, 3 summers from now it will still be wearable.  There is a reason for this.  Florals are featured at most of the important events in our lives.  They remind us of these happy times such as weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions. Memories can bring on a little nostalgia.…

  • Pajama Pants street style

    Casual chic with pajama pants

    Casual chic just got a whole lot chicer. Who doesn’t like the feel of silk next to their skin? It’s soft, light weight, and so luxe looking. Introducing the pajama pants. The next level elevated in casual style.  You may look at these and think twice. Are they really made to be worn in public? The answer is a loud yes! Let’s not get carried away and actually wear them to bed, wake up the next morning, and head out the door. Although you may want to. The pajama pants are a cleaner and chicer alternative to yoga pants. They have the same comfortable and casual feel. But pajama pants…

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    Iconic Black & White

      Black and white is such an iconic pairing.  The bold contrast makes a classic yet powerful statement. It is the epitome of French girl chic. Always in fashion without too much fuss.  The first image that pops into my mind when I think of a classic black and white outfit is brunching on the Italian coast in my sunglasses.  Doesn’t everyone think of that? Black and white can be incorporated into your wardrobe in so many ways.  One fun option is with polka dots.  Another timeless classic, polka dots have been on the fashion scene forever.  Think Marilyn Monroe in her famous circa 1950’s swimsuit.  Each decade has had a…

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    The Statement Skirt

    How many times have you browsed your favorite shopping sites and found those “statement” pieces only to find yourself saying- where will I wear that?  Or, can I pull that off?  That happens to me very often. I’m always drawn to the more unique pieces whether it’s the fabric, print, color combinations, or cut. You know those pieces that hook you in.  You keep coming back to them, adding them to cart and just admiring. That’s what happened to me with this skirt from Viva Aviva. I kept going back to it. I was so drawn to the color, the ruffles, and the asymmetrical cut. I keep thinking- where will…

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    The White Top

    Summer is closely upon us (finally!).  It’s time to start getting out the shorts and summer essentials.  The main summer essential for me is always a white top.  White tops are a summer staple. Just about every brand had its own version. But let’s face it, in the sea of white tops available, it’s actually hard to find one that suits. They are either too sheer, too boxy, too stiff, too something. For an item that seems easy enough to find, it can be quite the opposite. I look for 3 types of white tops to incorporate into my summer style.  The faithful tee, the button down, and the feminine top.…

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    Wedding Guest Attire

    It’s that time of year when the invitations are coming in.  Wedding season is in full swing!  That begs the question of- what do I wear?  The options are endless.  Dresses, jumpsuits, and skirts are all acceptable options.  Depending on the formality of the event, each can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion.  I personally love the idea of a skirt for a fun and playful alternative to a dress.  Especially if you have multiple events to attend.  A skirt is hands down the most versatile of the options.  By changing the top and accessories, you can create entirely different outfits. This gorgeous skirt from Alice and…

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    My Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale Strategy

    Run, don’t walk! One of the most anticipated sales of the year is on! The 2018 Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale is here! This is the time is grab those items you’ve been eyeing. Most often, we know when the major sales are going to hit. Memorial day weekend, Black Friday, and Holiday sales are all on our radar. The best way to ensure that you get the items you’ve been eyeing is to register with the site and create a wish list. This way when the sale starts, you can go to your wish list to see if your items are on sale. Then just add to cart. No wasted…

  • Rainbow tweed

    Somewhere over the rainbow….

    Ask my daughter what her favorite color is and she will say rainbow! My little 6-year-old is unintentionally on trend this season. Rainbow is bold and not for the faint of heart. Multi colored clothing is showing up everywhere from off the shoulder tops, asymmetric hem skirts, and even pants! One of my favorite all time pieces of clothing are tweed. Classic, timeless, and edgy. What’s better than a rainbow tweed skirt? You have such a wide range of colors to work with. Multiple outfits at your fingertips. You can choose to highlight any of the colors to make your own unique outfit. Be creative! Here I decided to pull…