Jacquemus mini bag and Tory burch petite bag

How to Wear the Jacquemus Mini Bag

Jacquemus mini bag accessories

Jacquemus petite micro vanity bag

Jacquemus mini petite vanity bag

Jacquemus mini bag and Tory burch petite bag

Jacquemus petite vanity mini bag

Mini accessories are bigger than ever in 2019.  We saw a lot of micro and mini bags everywhere last year and there is no sign of slowing down.  The biggest player in my opinion is Jacquemus.  Talk about some fun bags! The cuteness factor is big but the real estate is small.  So small in fact, that now you have to stop and think twice about how the heck to wear them?

I must admit, I’m the type of person that likes to carry a few essentials- my full sized Saint Laurent wallet that I’ve had for several years now, my Tom Ford lipstick, keys, phone.  That is the barest of essentials.  If I really have to, I’ll swap out my full sized wallet for my Gucci card case. So when I saw the mini bag collection from Jacquemus, I couldn’t get over how cute they were!  I knew I had to try one out.

It was hard to choose but I ended up with what they call the Le petit vanity bag.  It’s absolutely adorable, but a bag?  I wouldn’t really call it a bag.  I feel like it is more of a mini accessory or jewelry item.  A nice decorative piece to finish off an outfit.  I’ve actually tried this bag with a few different outfits and I think it gives a nice stylish touch. It’s pretty worn as a cross-body, as a necklace, or as a bag accessory.  A pretty feminine detail that definitely stands out.

For my outfit, I am wearing a matching skirt set from J.Crew. I love all the neutral tones here and I think it makes this little bag pop.  I added this really pretty woven belt that has all the natural vibes that will be big this summer.  To compensate for the lack of space in the mini Jacquemus bag, I actually added another mini bag to this outfit from Tory Burch.  This one does hold a lot more.  But not all my bare essentials.  The fact that it looks like a mini Hermes Kelly is what got me excited for it!

How to wear the mini bag

Hermes Kelly dupe

2019 mini accessories trend

I finished off the outfit with these beautiful Alexandre Birman boots. These were on my wishlist for so long!  The color is the perfect shade of tan and goes so well with the Tory Burch bag.  Not only are they beautiful, but they are really comfortable.  Even though they are pointed toe, your toes are not crushed and the leather is buttery soft.  I’m so happy I finally go them in the recent Saks sale.

Overall, Jacquemus is a brand that I will keep my eye on.  I am loving their accessories from bags to hats.  So what can you fit inside a Jacquemus vanity shoulder bag?  I’ve come up with a few ideas- a pair of earrings, a quarter, a mint maybe?  But I think I would love to see someone style this to hold an engagement ring.  Now that would be cute!

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