Gucci Ace sneakers review

Casually Luxe in Gucci Sneakers

Gucci Ace sneakers review

Gucci Ace Bee sneaker review

Gucci Ace sneakers review stars

Gucci Ace Stars sneaker review

Sandro blazer and fendi Kan

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Gucci sneakers and Fendi street style

Sandro Gucci blazer

Gucci Fendi fashion influencer

Gucci sneakers are instantly recognizable.  The brand does a lot of things right in my opinion.  From the classy marmont collection, to the tie-neck silk blouses, to the cutest sneaker collection you ever did see!  Gucci has a nice range in style from sophisticated chic to sporty casual.  It’s the casual side of Gucci that really has taken over the street styles.

Gucci is definitely a go-to brand for cute sneakers.  They have an enormous selection all with the traditional Gucci red, blue, and green coloring.  So many in fact, that’s hard to decide when choosing a pair. It’s the best entry-level luxury purchase in my opinion.  They are not cheap!  But when it comes to luxury purchases, shoes will usually be more affordable than bags.  Add a pair of Gucci sneakers to any outfit and it instantly elevates the look and makes it more luxurious.

After many months of browsing the Ace sneaker collection, I was all set to get this adorable Heart pair, but when I saw the Bee and Stars that was it.  The colors are so much softer and really pretty in person.  The gold stars, stripes, and bees are actually somewhat subtle.  These are my favorite of the collection.  Be advised though that the entire collection runs large.  I was undecided between going down a full size or half-size.  I ultimately went down a half-size because I like my sneakers to be roomy.  If you are going for comfort, go all the way!

My Gucci Picks

Matching these to an outfit is pretty easy.  When I saw this blazer from Sandro I immediately got Gucci vibes.  Other than a jacket from Gucci themselves, I’m not sure how much more perfect you can get!  From the stripes to the gold buttons, it’s just a perfect match.

To avoid looking like a Gucci advertisement, I added my red Fendi Kan I bag.  This is really a gorgeous and well-made bag.  I love the ribbon detail woven around the edges.  It gives it a pretty yet more playful feel.  Any red, white, navy, green, or neutral bag will work just as well.  I love a straw bag paired with these sneakers for a casual summer look!

Overall, I think that a pair of Gucci sneakers will take an outfit from casual to casual luxe.  If Gucci prices are not in your budget, any pair of cute sneakers will give you an extra edge to your outfit. But if you are interested in adding a luxury item to your collection, I do recommend checking out Gucci.  Shop my post below for some alternative sneaker options that I think are just as cute!

Photos by Monika de Myer

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