Fendi Spring 2019 runway
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Fendi Spring Runway Inspired Look

Fendi Spring 2019 runway inspired look
Fendi Spring 2019 runway inspired look

Fendi Spring 2019 Runway inspired look

Fendi Spring 2019 runway look

Fendi Spring 2019 runway look

Fendi Spring 2019 runway orange look

Have you ever dreamed of attending a runway fashion show and wearing the latest designs?  How fun to be able to see first hand the newest designs of the upcoming season.  Better yet, how fun to be able to order your next season collection right on the spot?  I have.  That’s why I have taken inspiration from the Fendi Spring 2019 runway and made a real life attainable outfit.  Perfect for us dreamers..

I am always inspired by the runway shows.  It’s the creativity and sometimes bold designs that get me giddy.  But I often wonder who actually wears most of these pieces.  As much as I would love to attend all of the global fashion shows each season, my reality is my corporate job and taking care of the kids.  As the kids are getting a little older, the after-school activities are increasing.  I spend a lot of time in the car going from place to place.  I do still find myself dreaming of these beautiful runway outfits though and so I set out to make them a reality.  In my own way, of course…


I love everything Fendi has been doing lately and the Spring 2019 collection is no exception.  I decided to re-create this full orange look shown below.  The inspiration photo was taken from Vogue who always has such amazing runways photos.

Fendi Spring 2019 Runway Look 14
Courtesy of Vogue.com

The Look

To achieve the layered look, I wore this orange dress which I think makes a nice base.  It’s also versatile in that it can be worn alone as well.  I added this cropped wool sweater since I think the Fendi sweater is much too oversized and would have overwhelmed me.  Instead of orange pumps, I decided to use my white boots since it’s still pretty cold here in NJ.  However I did use my Fendi socks which adds a nice touch.  I think the little details are what really makes an outfit stand out.

There is no sense in buying a new bag if you don’t have to, so I used my Fendi Kan I logo bag that I borrowed from Vivrelle.com.  They are a membership based company that let’s you “borrow”, or actually “rent” their bags on a monthly basis.  I did the research and compared it to other company’s that also offer this service.  I found Vivrelle to be very affordable compared to other places.  It’s nice if you like to use different bags often, or if there is a bag you are looking to purchase, it’s nice to be able to try it out first and see if it really suits your style. I know for me, sometimes there is a bag that I think I want but when I actually wear it, I realize that it is not for me.  For this Fendi runway inspired look, you can use any beige or tan bag and I think the overall look will be achieved.

Fendi Kan I logo bag

Fendi Spring 2019 runway

Let me know what you think.  This was a fun post to put together.  I’d love to share more posts like this with you in the future.  Are there any runway photos that inspire you?

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