The New Workwear

Navy skirt and boots
Red Gucci marmont streetstyle

J.Crew blue sweater

Modern workwear

Workwear doesn’t have to be boring.  And it certainly doesn’t have to be reserved for work.  I used to separate my closet by my “workwear” and my “weekend wear”.  I would never ever look on the “workwear” side if I wasn’t going to work.  Once I started working from home more frequently, that side of my closet hardly ever got any use.  I was tired of having all those clothes that I didn’t love, taking up space in my closet.  Plus, it is super wasteful.  Workwear should be work appropriate, but it should also reflect your style.  Just because you are going to work, doesn’t mean that you have to leave your style at home.

We all lead such a busy lifestyle, running from here to there, you want to make sure that you are comfortable enough that you don’t feel the need to run home and change.  So approach workwear as you would for a night out to dinner. If your company allows jeans, then even better! Mine does not.

Navy skirt street style

Here I am wearing an asymmetric hem skirt that I would wear for just about any occasion.  I love it in the Fall paired with tall boots, or in the Spring paired with pumps. And all the colors in it really makes for a great mix of outfit options.  I love it paired with this blue sweater, but it would look just as great paired with yellow, red, green, or ivory.  I initially paired this skirt with a white button down shirt, but the chilly weather made me switch to the sweater.  My point though is, you have lots of options! So choose items that you would be comfortable enough to wear out to lunch or dinner with friends and family.

Red Gucci Marmont bag

Red Gucci Marmont bag

Red Gucci Marmont crossbody bag

Next, the work wardrobe always calls for a “work bag”.  The bag that you fit everything into.  While I do like a big bag for carrying my laptop and other supplies, I like to throw in a small bag for that quick run out for lunch. No one wants to bring a large bag out, and juggling your phone, wallet, and keys is too much.  I usually add a smaller bag to my work bag for these reasons.

Now that I approach work wear as I would any other life event, my closet is inter-changeable.  I no longer have a “workwear” section and “everything else wear” section.  It makes for smarter purchases, less waste of money, and decreases the time standing in your closet wondering what to wear!

Navy skirt with boots

All photos here done by Monika de Myer

The Cole Haan boots are several seasons old but I have linked similar styles in the “Shop the Post” below.

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