Street style chic Paris

Street style chic in Sandro

street style blonde

Street style blonde

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Sandro dancing skirt

street style blonde

What do you think of when you hear the term street style? I think of a cool Parisian girl wearing an edgy outfit. Probably jeans and a funky top, cool shoes, and a great bag. Street style has taken on so many meanings in the last decade. For me, street style is still true to me but with an edge.

I am a classic girl. I love feminine lines. How does a classic girl who loves girly dresses pull off street style? Sandro is the answer. The brand keeps true to feminine lines but adds an element of street chic.

Ah Sandro. I have a real soft spot for French fashion. It really took off after my husband and I vacationed there many years ago. I actually love everything about French culture. It’s so effortless and chic. A little unexpected as well. It’s those unexpected details that always draw me to Sandro.

Sandro is a Parisian line so they know how to do street style well. They encompass that Parisian elegance with a city girl vibe. What I love about Sandro is the unexpected details in every collection. From afar, this sky blue skirt has a feminine flair, while up close, you can see the street style contrast of the words- Keep on dancing!

Nothing is too sweet or too girly. Even the truly feminine pieces such as the lace that is used in every collection, has a little bit of an edge. By the way, Sandro does lace really really well! I am always drawn to Sandro’s latest designs in lace!

Sandro is for the city girl at heart who knows herself. A woman who’s not afraid to stand out. She’s not afraid to be a little different. She’s strong, she’s secure, and she’s the future.

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