Summer bags you need to know

There are so many great summer bags to choose from.  I wanted to help breakdown some top picks and brands that you need to know.  These are all great for summer or any warm weather getaways.


Nannacay bags are more than just bags. They are works of art.  The inspiration behind the Nannacay brand comes from founder Marcia Kemp’s travels to exotic destinations, where culture and people were the highlights.  During one of her visits to the tribe of Massai in Africa, she witnessed the local craftsmanship and wanted to share this beauty with the world.  This idea lead to the creation of Nannacay which means sisterhood.  Today Nannacay products are created by local artisans in Peru.

This cherry blossom bucket bag is one of my favorites. I always get compliments when I wear it due to its unique design.  The simplicity coupled with the beauty of these bags make them timeless treasures to carry for years.

Nannacay cherry blossom bag


Caterina Bertini

Caterina Bertini is another favorite of mine.  The company was founded back in 1925 when they made straw hats for the region of Florentine in Italy.  What I love about their bags is the timeless appeal.  The inspiration for today’s bags comes from the archives of the company collections from the 1960’s and 1970’s.  There is an iconic nostalgia to this and it is working!

The straw bucket bag here is the perfect summer bag for a casual day or night out.  The simple black band and handle adds a modern vibe while the overall aesthetic is still rooted in classic design.

Caterina Bertini straw bucket bg

Sensi Studio

Sensi Studio was launched in 2010 and includes a collection of Panama hats and handmade accessories.  The brand also has a line of embroidered dresses.  How fun is that?  The founder Stephany Sensi studied Fashion Design at Istituto Marangoni in Milan.  You can see the Italian influence of her designs.  They are effortlessly chic and perfect for taking on a stroll through town. All of the products are manufactured in Ecuador with artisans in a socially responsible manner.  Furthermore, the quality is top-notch!

Here I chose to wear this gorgeous green tote with my Joie dress.  Take a look at the gorgeous bamboo handles. It’s casual enough for a day out shopping but can also be dressed up as I did here.  It goes perfect with this garden inspired dress.

Sensi Studio green bag



Serpui is a Brazilian born designer who takes inspiration from her home country.  Interesting patterns and fun shapes make her bags instantly recognizable.  I mean, how cute is this bag pineapple bag?  Along with fun shapes and patterns, her color palette can be easily mixed with any summer outfit you already own.

Here I have this boxed raffia tote that has a vintage vibe.  I was immediately drawn to this bag as it reminded me of a rocking chair my mother had when I was a child.  It is the largest of the bags I have described here and probably the most versatile.  It is large enough to use as your everyday summer bag and is also lined which keeps your valuables from slipping through!  Although this is one of the more subdued bags in her collection, it is definitely a gorgeous one!

Serpui boxed raffia bag

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