• Street style chic Paris

    Street style chic in Sandro

    What do you think of when you hear the term street style? I think of a cool Parisian girl wearing an edgy outfit. Probably jeans and a funky top, cool shoes, and a great bag. Street style has taken on so many meanings in the last decade. For me, street style is still true to me but with an edge. I am a classic girl. I love feminine lines. How does a classic girl who loves girly dresses pull off street style? Sandro is the answer. The brand keeps true to feminine lines but adds an element of street chic. Ah Sandro. I have a real soft spot for French…

  • Staud Nautical dress

    The Art of Nautical Dressing Explained Here

    There is an art to nautical dressing.  You can quickly go from cool to cutesy if you don’t coordinate right. Nautical dressing is inspired by the ocean, sailing, and ships. It is a classic summer style. Navy blue, white, and red are the traditional colors used. Ocean themes such as fish, lobsters, and anchors can add a fun twist.  Whether it is your accessories, color theme, or pattern that inspires your look, you don’t want to overdo it. Understated is the key to success here. When selecting your nautical outfit you should consider 3 things.  Where you are wearing the outfit, the comfort, and the overall feel you are going for. …

  • Fashion

    Summer bags you need to know

    There are so many great summer bags to choose from.  I wanted to help breakdown some top picks and brands that you need to know.  These are all great for summer or any warm weather getaways. Nannacay Nannacay bags are more than just bags. They are works of art.  The inspiration behind the Nannacay brand comes from founder Marcia Kemp’s travels to exotic destinations, where culture and people were the highlights.  During one of her visits to the tribe of Massai in Africa, she witnessed the local craftsmanship and wanted to share this beauty with the world.  This idea lead to the creation of Nannacay which means sisterhood.  Today Nannacay products…

  • Asymmetric garden party dress

    Choosing a dress length

      Choosing the right dress length can be difficult. You need to consider the formality of the event, weather, and comfort.  Most important, is what you are comfortable in.  There are no set rules.  Here’s a guide to help you choose for your next event. Mini While there are no rules for the length of your dress, my own rule is that the more casual the event, the shorter the dress. A shorter dress can be styled down with flat shoes or kitten heels.  I love this mini dress for a family picnic or graduation party. The print just screams summer! Pair it with these yellow sandals and you have the perfect summer…