Effortless chic style

Essentials for summer chic dressing


Essentials for summer chic style

Summer dressing is usually a little more relaxed.  It can be easy to just throw on a pair of shorts and a tee.  Pulling together a look that is chic and comfortable it easier than you think. Here I will break down the essentials you need for effortless chic summer dressing.

Chanel sunglasses

Essential #1: Sunglassses

Investing in a good pair of sunglasses is essential for getting that summer chic look. When I say good, I don’t mean expensive. I mean a pair that fits your face well. Just like our faces, sunglasses come in all shapes and sizes. Some people seem to be able to pull off any pair. I have a little more trouble since large glasses tend to overwhelm my face. The key is to try on a lot! Try on styles that you normally would avoid. You will be surprised that you may actually like them on you.

Don’t be afraid of going with a color other than black. I chose this blush shade from Chanel. It blends in with my skin and hair so it doesn’t pop as much and distract from the my outfit.  Speaking of dresses…

summer chic essentials

Essential #2: Simple shift dress

I love the ease of a shift dress. They are so comfortable and easy to pull off.  Anyone can wear one. They give off that chic “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” vibe.

They are also pretty great for a variety of heights. Taller ladies can show a little more leg while wearing a shift, and us shorter gals can get away with it hitting at the knee and still looking great.

This dress from Tory Burch is just stunning. The mix of peach, pink, and yellow colors say summer chic. There is something so fun and happy about this print.

effortless summer chic dressing


Essential 3#: Matching shoes

Matching shoes are essential for pulling off that effortless chic look.  While I do love a pop of color in my shoes, for this type of look, I like to keep the overall outfit well blended.  Nothing stands out on it’s own.  But is overall eye catching.

If you choose to wear a solid color dress, choose your shoes to match color. This keeps the color flowing from head to toe. If you are wearing a print, pull out one of the main colors to choose for your shoes. Again, we want to see a continued flow of the overall outfit. This keeps the look fresh and effortless. Here I chose to pull out the white. I love the patent leather look for summer. It keeps this look chic with a little vintage vibe.

Cult gaia pink bag

Essential #4: The bag

The bag is always the piece that can bring a look together. It’s the sink or swim to any outfit, so choosing the right one is essential.  You want to keep in mind the overall style of your outfit.  This shift dress is on the more casual side.  It has that t-shirt look to it so I wanted a casual bag to match.  You can choose to have it blend right in or stand out. The soft pink of this gorgeous Cult Gaia bag keeps the look soft and feminine.  If your dress were tweed for example, I would add a dressier bag like my Chanel flap, or a similar look-alike.

There you have my essentials to effortless chic dressing.  I hope you found it fun and inspiring.  Please leave me a comment and let me know what your essentials are!

essentials for summer chic style


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