Pajama Pants street style

Casual chic with pajama pants

Pajama pants casual chic

Casual chic pajama pants

Pajama Pants street style

Casual chic just got a whole lot chicer. Who doesn’t like the feel of silk next to their skin? It’s soft, light weight, and so luxe looking. Introducing the pajama pants. The next level elevated in casual style.  You may look at these and think twice. Are they really made to be worn in public? The answer is a loud yes!

Let’s not get carried away and actually wear them to bed, wake up the next morning, and head out the door. Although you may want to. The pajama pants are a cleaner and chicer alternative to yoga pants. They have the same comfortable and casual feel. But pajama pants are a little more refined. I think it’s the silky texture. It ups the wow factor and make the outfit look more luxe. In the age where people are dressing more for comfort, the pajama pants allows for a more dressy dressed down look.

Here I created an outfit from one of my go-to brands for casual wear. I’ve been wearing J crew since high school. I can honestly not say that about any other brand.  J crew has done a great job of keeping up with the trends over the years. They also have a really great selection of staple items. I think having that mix is what has kept J crew very relevant. For me, I love J crew because they carry petite and small sizes. I know that’s not important for everyone but it really is for me and it’s one of the main reasons I’m a regular shopper. J crew also makes the best t-shirts in my opinion. I stock up every season.

casual chic pajama pants

These pajama pants are a great neutral charcoal gray. The addition of the white floral print makes this a perfect summer pant. While any color could be paired with gray and look great, I really love gray mixed with red. I think the red in the t-shirt, coupled with the red Louis Vuitton bag, really makes a statement.  I also really like these pants and may add them to my collection.  Pair them with a silk camisole and casual just got elevated!

This look that I’ve created is one of my favorite versions of street chic. It is still casual but with that chic edge.  While I am a huge jean lover, the pajama pants are my choice for an upscale version of casual.  Plus they are much lighter and cooler for summer styling.

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