Rainbow tweed

Somewhere over the rainbow….

Ask my daughter what her favorite color is and she will say rainbow! My little 6-year-old is unintentionally on trend this season. Rainbow is bold and not for the faint of heart. Multi colored clothing is showing up everywhere from off the shoulder tops, asymmetric hem skirts, and even pants!

One of my favorite all time pieces of clothing are tweed. Classic, timeless, and edgy. What’s better than a rainbow tweed skirt? You have such a wide range of colors to work with. Multiple outfits at your fingertips. You can choose to highlight any of the colors to make your own unique outfit. Be creative!

Here I decided to pull out the red from the skirt with the lettering on my top. It just adds that pop that takes the outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. Next I pulled out the pink with my sneakers. Red and pink have been on-trend since we first saw it last Spring. And there’s no sign of it slowing down! So get out all of your pink and red and mixed it up!
Chanel tweed

I personally love to do tweed casually. A tweed skirt paired with a t-shirt is so effortless and easy. Super cute too. Add in some sneakers and you are ready for anything! I love this outfit for lunch out with the kids! For work or more formal events, just switch out the t-shirt for a blouse and add some pumps.
Rainbow tweed


If this trend is too daring for you, try it in smaller doses with accessories. A multi colored bag can get you a ton of use. Just like multi colored shoes can. Choose one color in the piece to work with as your main color for the outfit. It’s probably going to be the most versatile piece you will own. Most importantly, have fun with it!




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