Lavender…the Spring 2018 color of the season

What comes to mind when you hear lavender? I think of Provence and seemingly endless lavender fields. Lavender is actually a herb that is used for relaxation and calming the mind. It’s been used throughout history for its medicinal properties. It’s even been used to treat insomnia. No wonder there are so many candles and personal bath products that use this scent.

If the scent of lavender can calm the mind, what can do it visually? Personally when I see the color lavender I immediately think of spring. Especially when paired with yellow. It’s the colors of the first flowers blooming. Hyacinth and lilacs paired with daffodils. And for the 2018 spring fashion season, it’s turned up in just about every designer collection.

Tibi is one that really did lavender right this season. The shade is spot on perfect. Just the right amount of blue tones to keep it leaning toward mauve. I love the simplicity of this top paired with its perfectly pinched pleats on the sleeves. It’s the little details that really make an outfit effortless and chic.

And let’s talk about these shoes for a minute. Can they get any better? Slingback and kitten heel. That’s a double win in my book since I don’t wear any heels over 3 inches. They are truly one of the most comfortable shoes I own. I know I will get tons of use out of these for many seasons to come.

While I love the monochrome look of head to toe lavender, here I broke up the lavender with white jeans. Another spring essential. For white jeans in particular, I like them to be distressed. The right white jeans can be hard to find. They are either too sheer, too tight, too something. Adding the distressed detail not only lends a more casual vibe but also breaks up how the jean falls on the leg. You get a less sculpted look which I think is easier to pull off.

To keep with the calming theme of lavender, I added a blue cult gaia clutch. This is the color the ocean should be. 😉 Keeping the color family close together keeps the overall feel and look of the outfit balanced and serene. But of course lavender can also be perfectly paired with other colorful hues. Try pairing it with yellow, red, or orange for a contrasting pop of interest. Think of it as the 2018 neutral. Xo

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