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Follow your passion…

I admire those who follow their passions. This is the best time for entrepreneurship. Especially the with all the technology available. It’s so great to see so many people following their passions and starting their own business and brand.

I come from generation x. The world I grew up in is so different from today’s world. I’m sure every generation says that. I remember when MTV first came out and they actually played music videos 24/7. Even though I was still on the younger side, I wore the stacked rubber bracelets and finger-less lace gloves made famous by Madonna. You couldn’t download your favorite songs on iTunes. You had to sit by the radio on Saturday and listen to the American top 40. Eagerly waiting with your finger on the ‘record’ button until your song came on. And oh I hated it when the DJ’s intro cut into the beginning of the song! And cell phones didn’t really take off until I was in college. Yes college! Computers you ask? I remember playing solitaire on my Apple which only had a black screen with green font.

I think because of all the new “technologies” that didn’t really take off until my older years, I played the career path very safe. I’m lucky in that I always did good in school and I always enjoyed learning. I have many diverse interests. That can be a blessing and a hinderance. Take this blog for example, I could have gone in many different directions since I have many interests and strong opinions on each. I chose to focus on fashion though. Why fashion?

It goes back to following your passion. I’ve been interested in fashion and fashion design since I got my first set of Fashion Plates when I was 5. Who remembers those? Every since then I knew fashion was what I wanted to do. But I didn’t. I followed a different route. One where I knew jobs were always going to be available and where I knew I would make a decent income. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with my career choice. I still find it challenging and interesting. But fashion is where I really get happy!

I know I’m late to the blogging game. I love it though because I see so many talented individuals following their passions. It’s inspiring. It’s why I’m writing this now. It’s never too late to follow your dreams. I may not end up the fashion designer I always thought I would be, but I can share my love for fashion and experiment with creativity. And maybe inspire others along the way. xo

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