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    My Ancestry DNA Experience

    Have you ever wondered where you came from?  Or if a family story was based on fact? Ancestry DNA can tell you truly where you are from.  Like traveling in time, your DNA can trace the route of your history. It’s your own personal story. When Ancestry DNA reached out to me to do a collaboration, I was beyond thrilled! I love history, antiques, really anything with a mysterious past. This journey with Ancestry DNA is like being an investigator on your own personal story. Collecting your sample… Ancestry DNA will send you a kit which contains your activation number, a tube, a liquid solution, a collection bag, and prepaid mailing…


    The New Workwear

    Workwear doesn’t have to be boring.  And it certainly doesn’t have to be reserved for work.  I used to separate my closet by my “workwear” and my “weekend wear”.  I would never ever look on the “workwear” side if I wasn’t going to work.  Once I started working from home more frequently, that side of my closet hardly ever got any use.  I was tired of having all those clothes that I didn’t love, taking up space in my closet.  Plus, it is super wasteful.  Workwear should be work appropriate, but it should also reflect your style.  Just because you are going to work, doesn’t mean that you have to leave…

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    Gift Ideas for the Lover of Fashion

    The holiday season is quickly approaching and I don’t know about you, but I love to give personalized gifts.  Personalized gifts don’t necessarily mean they have to be monogrammed, but they should reflect each persons individual style.  I like to put a lot of thought into what my receiver will like.  I was so lucky to discover Chic on Paper which specializes in custom fashion illustrations.  This is a perfect gift for the fashion lover in your life, of any age. Chic on Paper is definitely very chic! Nina, the founder, has a knack for details that truly makes her designs stand out. She was kind enough to create a custom…

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    The only Brunch outfit you need

    Brunch is a special meal. I always love brunch occasions. For some reason, they are as exciting to me as attending a wedding. That might sound over the top but it’s true. It’s the perfect excuse for having coffee too late in the day (I never have coffee past 10:00 am), mixing eggs with some Chicken Marsala, and having chocolate covered strawberries.  I love styling brunch outfits too. Something about brunch just says “dressy” to me. You might be wondering what you should wear for brunch?  It’s always best to be a little over-dressed than under-dressed, in my opinion.  Plus, it’s a fun to have an excuse to get a little…

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    Sezane and new friends…

    The Sezane apartment in New York City sets the scene for a first meeting with one of my Instagram friends. One of the aspects of blogging I love best is meeting people with similar interests.  When I first started this blogging journey, the road seemed very lonely.  Instagram (IG) makes networking very easy.  You can find and follow those with similar interests or styles and develop a relationship by commenting on posts.  But because IG is global, it is rare that you actually get to meet these people who become your friends. Well, I did recently get a chance to meet one of my IG friends, Laura from @abouttheoutfits.  I’ve been following Laura since…

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    Matching sets and why you need them!

      Matching sets are your new best friend!  We’ve all been there right? A closet packed with clothes but the never-ending dilemma of having nothing to wear? Let’s get to the bottom of this. You get sucked into the friends & family coupon you have received in your inbox. You browse the site and start adding things to your cart. Nothing you need right now, but these are all things that you “might need someday”. I remember specifically buying a dress with the thought of wearing it at a cafe on the Italian coast. I pictured myself sitting there drinking a coffee overlooking the Mediterranean. It was the perfect dress…

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    The allure of Zimmermann

    Zimmermann.  The name hardly needs an introduction.  This Australian brand has been gained speed among fashionista’s for the last several years.  The aesthetic is sophisticated feminine with a playful feel.  Along with swimwear, the ready-to-wear collections feature a lot of florals and light flowing fabrics. I have been a fan of Zimmermann for quite some time now.  After seeing this gorgeous pair of linen pants on sale, I finally made the jump and bought my first Zimmermann item.  Upon opening the package, I had an immediate smile on my face.  These pants have everything ticked off my “must” list for good quality pants. First, they are linen.  I love a…

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    The Sneaker Trend for the Classic Girl

    The sneaker trend is here to stay.  Who doesn’t like good comfy sneaker?  I sure do for working out, but for fashion?  I have to admit it took me a while to come around to this one.  I’m not one to buy into every single trend.  Only the ones that really resonate with me.  Sneakers and dresses did not initially resonate with me but with time, things can change.  Here I will show you how I am wearing the sneaker trend while staying true to my classic style. First, my gym sneakers will remain my gym sneakers.  The hunt to find the perfect pair of fashion sneakers for me took…

  • Fall Transitional dressing

    The Key to Transitional Dressing

    It happens every season.  That in-between weather feeling when you don’t know what to wear.  Transitional dressing from Summer to Fall can be challenging.  It’s not cold enough for a jacket, yet not warm enough for shorts.  Here I will breakdown the keys to successful transitional dressing.  Be sure to stick with classics so that you can use these pieces year after year. First, jeans will be your best friend in that in-between season dilemma.  Get yourself a good pair of jeans.  They can be long or cropped.  Think of jeans as your neutral.  They go with just about everything and can easily be dressed up or down.  I love…

  • Street style chic Paris

    Street style chic in Sandro

    What do you think of when you hear the term street style? I think of a cool Parisian girl wearing an edgy outfit. Probably jeans and a funky top, cool shoes, and a great bag. Street style has taken on so many meanings in the last decade. For me, street style is still true to me but with an edge. I am a classic girl. I love feminine lines. How does a classic girl who loves girly dresses pull off street style? Sandro is the answer. The brand keeps true to feminine lines but adds an element of street chic. Ah Sandro. I have a real soft spot for French…